About   Feltpainting 


Feltpainting is made with many colors of dyed wool.

Wool feels tender & warm, having plasticity and beautiful colors.

Specially my works are very colorful, having some depth like 

3 dimensional picture.


Felt Paintingは染色羊毛を用いて描いた絵です。



​Rooms        H100cm x W125cm x D16cm

Welcome  home!​     H120cm x W95cm x D15cm

Lighgt     H120cm x W90cm x D10cm

Visitor   H120cm x H104cm x D5cm

​Boys Kabuki   車引き  H80cm x W104cm x D10cm

Kabuki  鳥居前 H60cm X  W85cm x D8cm

​Doll  Paradise    H70cm x W100cm x D10cm

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